Cloudburst Half Caff

When it's too late for a fully caffeinated coffee, get back to the grind with Cloudburst Half Caff. 

Our flavor-packed alternative to decaf is a subtle wave of energy you can ride any time of day or night. From the second you open the bright orange bag, your senses are overcome with notes of sweet dark chocolate, ripe red apple, and subtle toasted almond. Made with only 50% of the caffeine in our other coffees, Half Caff is the perfect way to perk up your afternoon without impacting a great night's sleep.

When you drink Cloudburst Coffee, everyday experiences become a little more interesting, and the world becomes a lot more colorful

Obsessed with taste

All Cloudburst Coffees are ethically sourced, USDA Certified Organic, and micro roasted to maximize on flavor. Our natural decaffeination process coupled with our slow roasting style makes our Half Caff distinct and packed with taste.

What is the caffeine level?

Just like the name states, Half Caff is half the caffeine as regular coffee. Perfect for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

What is the roast type?

All Cloudburst Coffees are medium roast.

What type of beans are used?

Half Caff uses 100% Arabica beans.

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