America’s Best Beverage Launches Cloudburst Coffee, Its Latest Direct-to-Consumer Product Lineup, with Three Distinct Blends for Any Coffee Fanatic

Grounded in 40 years of industry knowledge, Cloudburst offers 100% organic, micro-roasted Cold Brew, Half Caff and Ultra Caff coffees that bring the best beans from the co-op to your coffee cup.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--America’s Best Beverage, the family owned beverage company specializing in specialty coffee roasting and tea production, announced today the launch of their new D2C vibrant coffee roasting brand, Cloudburst Coffee. Blending 40 years of coffee roasting experience through this legacy brand with the best of California innovation, the new Cloudburst lineup offers a vibrant selection of three coffees, providing a flavor-forward choice for every kind of coffee drinker.

With the consumer appetite for cold brew coffee on the rise throughout the past few years, the market is expected to increase to around $944.16 million by 2025 (compared to $166 million in 2017). And now, as our homes have become the place where many of us both live and work, a recent estimate over a four-week period at the start of the pandemic showcased that packaged coffee sales increased 24.9% among retail channels. One thing is for sure: people are interested in brewing their own coffee. Cloudburst is intent on satiating that need for consumers with their flavor-first approach, entering the market with a unique roasting process and offering coffees that are sure to add some vibrancy to every coffee lover’s day.

Based in California, Cloudburst’s 100% organic new product lineup has a coffee for every type of coffee drinker, no matter the mood or season. Cloudburst is focused on exceptional taste, and their slow roasting style and the specialty beans they source for their products amplify the coffee flavors in each roast. Their current offerings are micro-roasted and include:

  • Cold Brew: If you’re a coffee lover looking for a super smooth recipe with 67% less acidity, this roast is for you. The coarse grind is optimized for cold brew, so you get maximum flavor extraction in every brew. It’s a naturally sweet coffee, with notes of summer peach, milk chocolate and toffee.
  • Half Caff: If you’re interested in an option with less caffeine but don’t want to sacrifice the flavor, Half Caff is the perfect flavor-packed alternative to decaf with half the caffeine of regular coffee. With notes of dark chocolate, apple and almond, it’s a coffee you can drink any time of day.
  • Ultra Caff: If you need a jolt of energy, but don’t want to feel the crash later, this coffee will keep you on point and power your day. This roast is ultra caffeinated, with a smooth taste full of flavor, and is a big, chocolatey coffee with hints of apricot and vanilla.

“We’re thrilled to be roasting our coffee in the heart of California, where coffee innovation has been at the forefront of our community for decades,” said Hovik Azadkhanian, CEO of Cloudburst Coffee. “During these difficult times where we’re missing in-person experiences such as concerts and celebrations more than ever, by introducing our vibrant new offerings, we hope to provide customers with the perfect beverage to satiate their nostalgia and remind them of better days.”

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In 1958, 16-year-old Alvin Azadkhanian moved to America with 20 dollars in his pocket and the dream of a better life. After more than a decade of hard work, spending evenings mastering the specialty coffee roasting technique passed down to him by his mother, Alvin opened his first coffee shop in San Francisco. Out of this coffee shop in 1976, America’s Best Beverage was born, and has been a leader in specialty coffee roasting and tea production ever since. With over 40 years of this legacy experience, America's Best Beverage produces quality beverages, using the best, natural, ethically sourced ingredients, to keep every customer smiling. America’s Best Beverage leans on integrity, reliability, and consistency to create the coffee that will help others like Alvin fuel their dream with its multiple brands, which include: Cloudburst Coffee, America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company, Alvin’s Coffee and Teas, Concierge Coffee Supply, Diantha’s Coffee, and Persian Royal Tea Company.

The latest direct-to-consumer offering from America’s Best Beverage, Cloudburst Coffee is a 100% organic, micro-roasted line of coffees bringing the perfect blend of vibrancy and nostalgia to each coffee cup. America’s Best Beverage was founded by Alvin Azadkhanian after he came to America with 20 dollars in his pocket, pursued his dream, and built the leading coffee roasting company from scratch. Combining over 40 years of legacy roasting experience with the best of California innovation, Cloudburst was launched in 2020 to remind customers about the good days of connectivity and in-person experiences, offering three roasts: Cold Brew, Half Caff and Ultra Caff, ensuring there’s something for every coffee lover. For more information, visit


Allie Novak

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